It’s Strawberry Picking Time in Minnesota!

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It’s strawberry-picking season in Minnesota!

As it states on the “Minnesota Grown” website, most Minnesota berry patches are opening earlier than usual this year. Many Twin Cities area strawberry picking farms are open now. Go to the Minnesota Grown website to find one near you.

We went to Bauer Berry Farm in Champlin last Monday, June 4th. They had just opened from 4:30-6:30pm for the first berry pickers of the season. They have a great website with daily updates which I had been tracking so we’d be among the first. Plus we had gone there the past 2 years for strawberry picking and always came home with great berries. They also have blueberries and corn later in the season.

We picked a full tray of berries pretty quickly…within 20 minutes or so. Strawberries are $2.00 per pound – we had a total of about $11.00 worth. They were delicious and we used some to make homemade strawberry ice cream later in the day!


Overall, we had a great time and we’ll continue to go back every year.

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